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Foreclosure Attorney

Attorney Scott Paris will provide you with unrivaled representation should you need assistance with your foreclosure matter. Whether you need to modify your loan to provide for more affordable payments or strategize a controlled exit from your property, Scott Paris will help provide you with the best possible outcome for you and your property.

Exploring Options When Facing Foreclosure

Scott Paris handles both foreclosure prosecution and defense for individuals and tax lien certificate holders (real estate taxes) in Ohio. He has extensive experience in foreclosure prosecution and defense, as well as bankruptcy representation for foreclosure plaintiffs and defendants. He can assist you in trying to retain your home through a loan modification, repayment plan or refinance. Alternatively, if you no longer desire to keep the home, he can assist with a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or deficiency waivers.

If you believe a foreclosure has been wrongly filed against you, the firm will help provide complete foreclosure defense including:

  • Evaluation of your loan documents to check for lending errors
  • Evaluation of the borrower payment history to verify accuracy
  • Defense of actions derived from predatory lending
  • Protecting against false or “robo signed” documents and affidavits, or foreclosure fraud
  • Evaluation of title documents to verify proper ownership by foreclosure plaintiffs
  • Counterclaims against the lender or loan servicer
  • Avoiding probate by naming a beneficiary for your home
  • Ensure your home goes to your spouse without your surviving spouse needing to go through the costly and lengthy probate process

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